Effective Ways to Detoxify Our Body

There are many ways to detoxify our body to prevent toxin build up. We'll enumerate SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE way to detox.
5 Effective Ways to Detoxify Our Body
1. Eat Organic Foods - the simplest way to detox and prevent toxin accumulation that comes from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

2. Drink Lots Of Water (mineral or alkaline water) - helps your body flush out toxins through urine. Drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily.

3. Exercise - Sweat it out :) Those toxins can come out as you perspire.

4. Eat Fiber Rich Food - this will help your body eliminate body wastes rapidly. It will also help you prevent colon cancer. Some fiber rich foods are: prunes, mango, apple, broccolli, carrots, avocado, durian, guava, kiwi, papaya, banana, grapes and oranges.

5. Sleep - get more rest and quality sleep. It will enable your body to detoxify naturally. Let your body's built in detoxifier, "glutathione" clean each and every cell of your body.

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The Primary Factor of all Sickness is Toxin

"The cause of formation of human sickness is body toxin.  The name of sickness describes the damages caused by toxin." - Henry B. Bieler

The concept of Natural Healing Theory is "The Primary Factor of all Sickness is Toxin."

Man has originally lived in a natural environment, no air and water pollution. Technology advancement and usage of chemical products like herbicides, insecticides, preservatives and other additives contaminates our environment that results to air and water pollution.

How Toxins Affect Our Health
Source of Body Toxin = Food Pollution, which came from:
  • Agricultural Pollution (use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides)
  • Animal Farming Pollution (use of antibiotics and hormones to accelerate growth)
  • Preserved Food Pollution (use of colouring, preservatives, artificial sweetener and synthetic fragrance)
  • Water Resource Pollution (excessive chlorine)
Toxin Causes Harm To Human Body
  • If toxins remain in the liver, it will cause liver disease and hardening of the liver.
  • If toxins remain in the blood vessel, it will develop hardening of the blood vessels and may cause heart disease.
  • If toxins remain in the lungs, it will cause more phlegm and may develop inth asthma.
  • If toxins remain in uterus, it will develop tumour and may cause uterine cancer.
  • OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM IS UNDER ATTACK because of toxins.
The primary detoxifier of our body at the cellular level is Glutathione.

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The Right Defending Order of Human Health:
1. Natural Healing Power (which comes from food)
2. Prescription Medicine (Drugs)
3. Surgical Operation - the last choice
Natural Foods and Supplements

Surgical Procedure
People have forgotten about the fundamentals of human health. Anybody with medical knowledge should know that all kinds of drugs contain toxin and cause side effects. Most drugs might refresh our bodies in the beginning, but the increasing incitement will only weaken our body. See some of well known maintenance drugs side effect here -- http://benefitsglutathione.blogspot.com/2012/01/maintenance-drugs-side-effect.html

If modern drugs are the answers and guarantee of health, then people could have brought back their health from pharmacies since pharmacies are everywhere in this modern society. There would not have been diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, liver disease and others....

The fact is that drugs can only relieve temporarily no matter how advance the technology is. The fundamental of healthiness is "return to nature". We can restore our real health through naturopathy, MAKING USE OF OUR BODY'S NATURAL RESISTANCE TO UNDERGO THE TRUE CURE. The best medicine still comes from your food.

Drugs and Surgery should be the last resort. Our IMMUNE SYSTEM is still the BEST CLINIC, and our BODY is the BEST DOCTOR. In order to have a better immune system, Endogenous Antioxidants, the antioxidants produced by our body needs to be replenished using Natural Foods and Food Supplements. The most prevalent Endogenous Antioxidant produced by our body is GLUTATHIONE. The more glutathione we have, the better our Immune System is.

How to help our body produce Glutathione? Read Possible Ways to Increase Glutathione

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