Glutathione (GSH) - The Most Powerful Endogenous Antioxidant Inside Our Body.

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Nov 2, 2011


My name is Greg Yalong Jr., I live in the Philippines, I am not into medical profession and this is my blog.

The articles i posted here are collections and summary of informations resulting from my own personal research about glutathione (these articles are for general information purposes only and not a professional advice on any subject matter). Please do not take my word on it, you can also do your own research. What i am trying to do is to make this blog about glutathione gsh as simple and easy to understand in order to make it beneficial for non-medically trained people like me. does not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained on this site.

For 5 years, our Family have been taking glutathione accelerator supplement and experiencing very good result. If you want to try it, visit contact us section or visit my website to order direct online

Do take note that we earn some commission when you purchase any products like Glutathione and other Antioxidant advertised here by Google.

Why i chose glutathione topic? Because according to research, glutathione gsh is the most important antioxidant, so important that without it, We Die. It is the most prevalent endogenous antioxidant inside our body.

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I will update this blog regularly to cover interesting topics explained in layman's term.

I recommend you to read Glutathione and Cancer, Heart Disease and Glutathione and Endogenous Vs. Exogenous Antioxidant. Those 3 Blog post are very important and enlightening.

Thank you for visiting this Blog, Enjoy Reading :)

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