Glutathione (GSH) - The Most Powerful Endogenous Antioxidant Inside Our Body.

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Dec 21, 2011


Glutathione - Body's First Line of Defense
We all know that ANTIOXIDANT is the solution to protect our body from free radical damage. Most health and wellness companies use EXTERNAL ANTIOXIDANT SUPPLEMENTS (Exogenous Antioxidant). They spend decades of research seeking the secret elixir that will give them the health, energy, strength and vitality they craved. Companies tout powders, liquids, pills and many other supplements that are promised to give our bodies the essential nutrients they need to become healthy.

What NONE of them Realize is that the SECRET to Health and Longevity is "ALREADY INSIDE OUR BODY."  The interesting fact is that we do not have to obtain this via Food.....because it is not an ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT, it is an ENDOGENOUS ANTIOXIDANT called GLUTATHIONE (GSH). The most powerful antioxidant "glutathione gsh" can be found and manufactured in each and every Cell of the human body.

Glutathione or GSH is the Most Important Antioxidant. So important, that Without It, WE DIE! It is often called REDUCED GLUTATHIONE or sometimes referred as L-GLUTATHIONE.

It is a small protein (tripeptide) molecule formed from the amino acids Cysteine, Glycine and Glutamic Acid thru BIOSYNTHESIS. It has been deemed the "Master Antioxidant" because it can PREVENT and REPAIR damage caused by Free Radicals and Peroxides to important cellular components.

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