We're fooled into using more medicine than we need...

Found this great blog posted by herbalYODA and i became interested when i read the "About me" section stating "Medicine doesn't get to the root of the trouble. It only conceals it. The result is a more highly poisoned condition which may become chronic disease. All drugs are harmful to the system. They are contrary to nature."

This is really an interesting article ----> Natural Health News: Creeping Diseases: How we're fooled into using more medicine than we need. This is a guest post from independent medical investigative journalist Jeanne ...

Here are some excerpts from the article...
"Unfortunately, one of the toughest things to explain is why detecting some illnesses at their earliest stages can cause more harm than good." Take this example: Since elevated cholesterol is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, doctors often prescribe drugs known as statins to people with elevated cholesterol levels in the hopes of reducing their risk of a heart attack or stroke. Here comes the part that’s tough to explain – because it is so counterintuitive: Statins only help individuals who already have had a heart attack or stroke

The reason why we are promoting "natural glutathione" (GSH), i believe that it is best for us to prevent any disease or illnesses in a natural way, not by the help of Prescription Drugs. Unknown to many, the most powerful antioxidant glutathione can be found inside our body. We have the ability to produce it at the cellular level if the necessary precursors are present, fresh organic grown fruits and vegetables helps maintain high glutathione levels. Natural Glutathione Accelerator supplements are also a big help. Instead of relying into taking Medicine or Prescription Drugs, why not try what nature has given us. Powerful Drugs can save you from your disease but you might suffer or die from side effects.... Kidney Failure or Liver Failure, is the most common problem arising from taking these wonder drugs. If you are already taking Glutathione Accelerator, good for you. To those wondering What is Glutathione GSH?, read my article about Glutathione.

These are my opinion, this is what i believe based on my observation and research. Don't take my word, it is best for you to consult a qualified Medical Doctor if you have a health problem.

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How to Increase Glutathione GSH Levels?

How to Increase Glutathione GSH Levels?

Can you just “take” Glutathione? 

That is a good question but despite what some dishonest supplement sellers would have you believe, you cannot eat Glutathione, your body MUST make it inside the cells. Raising GSH Levels through direct supplementation of glutathione is difficult.

It is found out in a research that administration of a very large dose (3 grams) of oral glutathione, does not increase circulating glutathione to a beneficial extent. The false claim that you can just eat glutathione, made by some supplement manufacturer, can be likened to saying that "all you have to do to get smart is eat brain tissue supplements."

Possible Ways to Increase Glutathione
  1. Take drugs (pharmaceuticals) that will make your body to increase its glutathione production (I'll leave the explanation of this to your Doctor).
  2. Take Supplements that promotes Glutathione production inside your cells.
  3. Eat Natural Foods that may help your body store nutrients needed for glutathione synthesis.
Supplements That Promotes Glutathione GSH Production (Partial List)

1. Cysteine
  • Cysteine is an amino acid. A building block of proteins that are used throughout the body. A more active form of cysteine is acetylcysteine, which is a powerful antioxidant. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2011 - Deficient synthesis of glutathione (gsh) underlies oxidative stress in aging and can be corrected by dietary cysteine and glycine supplementation. There are claims that taking acetylcysteine alone gives negligible benefit in raising intracellular glutathione.
2. L-Methionine
  • Basically Methionine contributes to the synthesis of S-adenosyl-Lmethionine (SAMe), which is necessary for normal brain function, and L-cysteine, which is a component of glutathione. Seems good, but it is also a precursor of homocysteine which is a risk factor in the development of artherosclerosis or “hardening of the arteries”.
3. Melatonin 
  • A hormone produced by the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain. It is said to have many roles in the body, one being its ability to raise glutathione levels in certain tissues of the body, including brain, liver, and muscle tissue. Melatonin helps control the sleep and wake cycles of the body. The long term safety of products that promote melatonin production has not been established and should be used in consultation with appropriate health professionals.
4. Glutamine 
  • Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. The body can make enough glutamine for its regular needs, but due to extreme stress, your body may need more glutamine than it can make. According to "Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, Volume 67, Issue 2, June 1999" Glutamine is a Precursor to Glutathione. Supplemental glutamine must be kept absolutely dry or it will degrade into ammonia, a toxin to the body. 
5. Lipoic Acid (alpha-lipoic acid or ALA)
  • Lipoic acid occurs naturally in the body but can also be taken as a supplement with effectiveness. This supplement works well in conjunction with healthy levels of glutathione. What makes alpha lipoic acid unique is that it functions in water and fat, unlike the more common antioxidants vitamins C and E, and it appears to be able to recycle antioxidants such as vitamin C and glutathione after they have been used up. Alpha lipoic acid increases the formation of glutathione. But studies show that if taken by a person whose glutathione levels are too low, lipoic acid actually promotes oxidation.
6. Silymarin (milk thistle)
  • Milk thistle has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years for the treatment of liver and gallbladder disorders. A flavonoid complex called silymarin can be extracted from the seeds of milk thistle and is believed to be the biologically active component. The terms "milk thistle" and "silymarin" are often used interchangeably.This herbal extract seems to stimulate the growth and regeneration of damaged liver cells but also has been shown to significantly increase glutathione production. However side effects such as gas, cramps and diarrhea are experienced by some people who takes it as a supplement.
7. Whey Proteins
  • Fresh or “bioactive” milk whey contains potent glutathione precursors. Unfortunately, by the time milk reaches your table, it has been pasteurized and has lost its bioactivity and its glutathione enhancing benefits. However, a neutraceutical is available which is essentially the whey proteins harvested from milk and kept in a bioactive or undenatured state. There are no known side effects associated with taking bioactive whey proteins and, since there is no lactose in whey proteins, lactose intolerant people are not adversely affected. Many whey protein products on the market advertise their ability to affect glutathione production within the body.
  • A unique category in producing intracellular Glutathione. There is a glutathione accelerator product,  an effective way to increase Glutathione GSH. To order Glutathione Accelerator MaxGXL online, visit www.max.com/maxgxl/greg



Glutathione - Body's First Line of Defense
We all know that ANTIOXIDANT is the solution to protect our body from free radical damage. Most health and wellness companies use EXTERNAL ANTIOXIDANT SUPPLEMENTS (Exogenous Antioxidant). They spend decades of research seeking the secret elixir that will give them the health, energy, strength and vitality they craved. Companies tout powders, liquids, pills and many other supplements that are promised to give our bodies the essential nutrients they need to become healthy.

What NONE of them Realize is that the SECRET to Health and Longevity is "ALREADY INSIDE OUR BODY."  The interesting fact is that we do not have to obtain this via Food.....because it is not an ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT, it is an ENDOGENOUS ANTIOXIDANT called GLUTATHIONE (GSH). The most powerful antioxidant "glutathione gsh" can be found and manufactured in each and every Cell of the human body.

Glutathione or GSH is the Most Important Antioxidant. So important, that Without It, WE DIE! It is often called REDUCED GLUTATHIONE or sometimes referred as L-GLUTATHIONE.

It is a small protein (tripeptide) molecule formed from the amino acids Cysteine, Glycine and Glutamic Acid thru BIOSYNTHESIS. It has been deemed the "Master Antioxidant" because it can PREVENT and REPAIR damage caused by Free Radicals and Peroxides to important cellular components.

More information about Glutathione Accelerator Supplement

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Glutathione GSH Benefits

Glutathione GSH - Master Cell Protector
Important Facts About Glutathione GSH

  • Glutathione (GSH) is not an essential nutrient. It does not have to be obtained via food. Glutathione (GSH) is an Endogenous Antioxidant, meaning produced naturally inside our cells through BIOSYNTHESIS if the required building blocks are available.
  • All cells in the human body are capable of synthesizing Glutathione, it is present in all parts of our body but has higher concentrations in the Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Pancreas, Lens and Cornea.
  • The presence of glutathione is required to maintain the normal function of all organs of our body.
  • Glutathione (GSH) aids in Free Radical scavenging, immune boosting, detoxification and plays a very important role in DNA Repair.
  • Without Glutathione, other important antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E “CAN NOT DO THEIR JOB” adequately to protect our body against disease.
Scientists have long known of the critical role glutathione plays in protecting cells. Pub Med, maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, has more than 92,000 articles (50,000 more than on Vitamin C) substantiating its health benefits.

“Glutathione is the Most Powerful Antioxidant Known to Science Today”

The benefits of glutathione complex are immeasurable, some of the benefits include but are not limited to the following:
  • It slows down aging
  • It detoxify your liver and cleanse each cell
  • Increases your energy
  • Improve athletic performance and recovery
  • It boosts your immune system
  • Reduces cellular inflammation and the chance of developing cancer
  • It improves heart and lung function
  • It increases your body's natural healing ability
Diseases Associated with Low Levels of Glutathione.


Glutathione and Cancer

First of all, What is Cancer?
Cancer is the SYMPTOM of DNA mutation, abnormal growth of damaged cells. DNA controls cell growth, development and replication. When the DNA gets damaged, it can replicate an altered (damaged) cell – and when this altered cell replicates itself.... This can become CANCER. Click here to read more about DNA and GLUTATHIONE.

Please Take Note: Symptoms alert YOU that something isn't right in your Body but they are not the Cause of Illness or Disease.

The Cause of Cancer - Damaged DNA
Did You Know That Cancer is associated with Low Levels of Glutathione GSH?

"The Precursor To Fight Cancer Lies In Prevention"

So How can we prevent Cancer?
Since healthy DNA is needed to prevent replication of mutated cells, we need to protect it from free radicals by the aid of Antioxidants.
Antioxidant Neutralizes Free Radical
Antioxidants have “extra” electrons that they can give to free radicals. By doing that, it eliminates its harmful effect. Antioxidants are the body’s defense against destructive free radicals which causes aging, sickness and disease.

What Type of Antioxidant Do We Need???

Exogenous Antioxidant and Cancer
If we will take Exogenous Antioxidant like the famous Vitamin C and Vitamin E, we are protecting our cells from being damaged, but it can not repair or restore damaged cells. It only shields our body from incoming free radicals, in doing so, our body will have the needed time to heal itself that it can do IF we have adequate levels of Glutathione inside our cells. In other words, exogenous antioxidant has no ability to neutralize or stop mutated cells to grow erraticaly, our body does it with the aid of master antioxidant Glutathione. We should also consider the fact that people with Cancer have low levels of Glutathione, because of this, important exogenous antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E can not do their job adequately to protect our body against disease.

Endogenous Antioxidant Glutathione GSH and Cancer
Glutathione GSH plays a very important role in DNA repair. Healthy DNA is essential to prevent mutated cells from replicating itself which will lead to Cancer.

It is a proven fact that if you have cancer, you have low levels of Glutathione GSH. However as of now,  there's no documented scientific evidence that raising Glutathione levels can make us overcome Cancer if you already have one, research and clinical trials are still ongoing . But we already have witnessed several miracles, of patients with terminal cancer that survived by taking large dose of Glutathione accelerator. Some are claiming it as Placebo only but the important thing is, they continue to live.

What Science have proven is that when you have high levels of glutathione gsh, you will be protected from free radical damage, all other Antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E can do their job efficiently, your vital organs will function better and you will have better functioning immune system. Generally speaking, having high levels of Glutathione GSH means having a healthier body.

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Glutathione Capsule Supplement

Glutathione Capsule Supplement

What are the benefits people get in taking Glutathione Capsule? Why is it becoming popular in the market nowadays.

There are many reasons why glutathione capsules and glutathione pills are in demand today. One reason is the nourishing benefits of Glutathione supplements. It serves as a powerful antioxidant that protect the cells from being damaged by neutralizing free radicals. By doing so, it improves the immune system.

It also has the ability to repair our DNA to stop cell mutation. Mutated cells which grow erratically are cancer. That is why Glutathione is regarded as the best anticancer supplement today.

For the past few years, Glutathione supplements became popular in the Philippines because many Filipinos are using it to whiten their skin. It is actually a side effect of taking glutathione supplement in high doses but users regarded it as a benefit or a welcome side effect. People that uses glutathione for skin lightening can experience abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. This is due to the required high dosages for such applications.

As whitening agent, 20-40 mg per kg body weight. 

Medium to Brown skin : 3-6 months
Dark Brown skin: 6-13 months
Very Dark skin: 12-24 months
Black skin: 24 months

Glutathione Supplement Average Price 30 Capsules : PHP 1,500 ($35.00)

Glutathione Capsule supplement that is used for skin whitening is now flooding the market.

We all know that glutathione capsules can whiten your skin, all genuine glutathione supplements out in the market can.

The Bad News:
If you are after the amazing health benefits as stated above, you should be aware that not all Glutathione supplement can give you those healthy benefits due to the fact that Glutathione is definitely a protein which when taken orally is broken down inside the digestive system just before arriving at the bloodstream aside from the fact that glutathione molecule is bigger and it can not enter the cell wall in its original form.

Purchasing glutathione capsules that do not contain the necessary glutathione precursors will have little to no effect when it comes to health benefits.

The Good News:
There is a glutathione supplement, clinically proven to enhance the body’s production of natural glutathione within the cellular level.

To Know More About This Glutathione Supplement contact us at +639227066338 or email me at gregyalong@gmail.com
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I recommend you to read Glutathione and Cancer, Heart Disease and Glutathione and Endogenous Vs. Exogenous Antioxidant. Those 3 Blog post are very important and enlightening.

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