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Nov 23, 2011

Glutathione Capsule Supplement

Glutathione Capsule Supplement

What are the benefits people get in taking Glutathione Capsule? Why is it becoming popular in the market nowadays.

There are many reasons why glutathione capsules and glutathione pills are in demand today. One reason is the nourishing benefits of Glutathione supplements. It serves as a powerful antioxidant that protect the cells from being damaged by neutralizing free radicals. By doing so, it improves the immune system.

It also has the ability to repair our DNA to stop cell mutation. Mutated cells which grow erratically are cancer. That is why Glutathione is regarded as the best anticancer supplement today.

For the past few years, Glutathione supplements became popular in the Philippines because many Filipinos are using it to whiten their skin. It is actually a side effect of taking glutathione supplement in high doses but users regarded it as a benefit or a welcome side effect. People that uses glutathione for skin lightening can experience abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. This is due to the required high dosages for such applications.

As whitening agent, 20-40 mg per kg body weight. 

Medium to Brown skin : 3-6 months
Dark Brown skin: 6-13 months
Very Dark skin: 12-24 months
Black skin: 24 months

Glutathione Supplement Average Price 30 Capsules : PHP 1,500 ($35.00)

Glutathione Capsule supplement that is used for skin whitening is now flooding the market.

We all know that glutathione capsules can whiten your skin, all genuine glutathione supplements out in the market can.

The Bad News:
If you are after the amazing health benefits as stated above, you should be aware that not all Glutathione supplement can give you those healthy benefits due to the fact that Glutathione is definitely a protein which when taken orally is broken down inside the digestive system just before arriving at the bloodstream aside from the fact that glutathione molecule is bigger and it can not enter the cell wall in its original form.

Purchasing glutathione capsules that do not contain the necessary glutathione precursors will have little to no effect when it comes to health benefits.

The Good News:
There is a glutathione supplement, clinically proven to enhance the body’s production of natural glutathione within the cellular level.

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