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Jan 6, 2012

Arthritis and Glutathione


Arthritis commonly referred to as “joint inflammation” if left untreated will result to joint damage. Early detection and treatments are very important.

Common types of arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis - usually occurs when joints are overused and misused, characterized by the loss of joint smoothness. Some calls it the "wear and tear" arthritis. The cushioning cartilage that protects the joint has been damaged, resulting bones rubbing together. This commonly happens in the knees, but can also be in the hips, spine and hands.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis - a type of arthritis wherein the body's immune system attacks joint tissue. Often starts in a person's hands, wrists and feet. Then it advances to shoulders, elbows and hips. Symptoms include pain, stiffness, fatigue, weakness, slight fever and inflamed tissue lumps under the skin.
Arthritis can affect every age group, but those over 45 years of age suffers most. It is classified as a chronic disease. Many organizations, such as Arthritis foundation, do not focus enough attention and research on natural ways to treat arthritis. Herbal and Nutritional treatment remedies is not a priority for them. They focus on how to manage pain, which is the most common "symptom" of arthritis thru the aid of "pain killers" which unfortunately only conceals the symptom. It will lessen the pain, but arthritis itself is still there. Removing symptom (pain) is an immediate temporary fix and will only make patients a regular buying customer of companies manufacturing pain killers.

Glutathione and Arthritis

It appears that when you have osteoarthritis or rheumatiod arthritis, you have malfunctioning joint because the cartilage holding your joints breaks down. It is either overused/misused or it has been damaged by your immune system. In any of these events, it is clear that we need to repair the joint cartilage or probably stimulate production of new healthy cartilage to address arthritis properly. Glutathione (GSH) as we learned from our previous articles (please read Glutathione and Cancer to know how Glutathione protect and aid our cells to regenerate by repairing the DNA) plays a very important role in cell regeneration which is vital if we want to have a new healthy cells for the cartilage. 

Glutathione is also essential to bring back the immune system to its healthy state, protecting your body instead of attacking it as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis. Read more about Benefits of Glutathione.

Glutathione needs to be produced by our body thru biosynthesis and we need a dietary supplement for this, like Glutathione Accelerator. 

By using glutathione to address arthritis, you will also help your body become healthier. Pain killers and other prescription drugs used for arthritis have side effects. They are associated with stomach discomfort and some are linked to ulcer with long term use. They may also contribute to deterioration of kidneys and liver damage.

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