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Dec 30, 2011

We're fooled into using more medicine than we need...

Found this great blog posted by herbalYODA and i became interested when i read the "About me" section stating "Medicine doesn't get to the root of the trouble. It only conceals it. The result is a more highly poisoned condition which may become chronic disease. All drugs are harmful to the system. They are contrary to nature."

This is really an interesting article ----> Natural Health News: Creeping Diseases: How we're fooled into using more medicine than we need. This is a guest post from independent medical investigative journalist Jeanne ...

Here are some excerpts from the article...
"Unfortunately, one of the toughest things to explain is why detecting some illnesses at their earliest stages can cause more harm than good." Take this example: Since elevated cholesterol is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, doctors often prescribe drugs known as statins to people with elevated cholesterol levels in the hopes of reducing their risk of a heart attack or stroke. Here comes the part that’s tough to explain – because it is so counterintuitive: Statins only help individuals who already have had a heart attack or stroke

The reason why we are promoting "natural glutathione" (GSH), i believe that it is best for us to prevent any disease or illnesses in a natural way, not by the help of Prescription Drugs. Unknown to many, the most powerful antioxidant glutathione can be found inside our body. We have the ability to produce it at the cellular level if the necessary precursors are present, fresh organic grown fruits and vegetables helps maintain high glutathione levels. Natural Glutathione Accelerator supplements are also a big help. Instead of relying into taking Medicine or Prescription Drugs, why not try what nature has given us. Powerful Drugs can save you from your disease but you might suffer or die from side effects.... Kidney Failure or Liver Failure, is the most common problem arising from taking these wonder drugs. If you are already taking Glutathione Accelerator, good for you. To those wondering What is Glutathione GSH?, read my article about Glutathione.

These are my opinion, this is what i believe based on my observation and research. Don't take my word, it is best for you to consult a qualified Medical Doctor if you have a health problem.

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