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Mar 27, 2012

Healthy DNA and Genes = Healthy Cells, Healthy Offspring

DNA and Genes contains genetic information

All living things are made of tiny ‘building blocks’ called CELLS. Each CELL contains inherited genetic information, packaged in the form of GENES.

What is a GENE?

A GENE is made of a length of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that has a message encoded in its chemical structure. GENES are the instructions that give organisms their particular characteristics.

GENES are the “words” along the DNA “sentences”.

Genes are messages that provide the information for all cellular functions. They carry information that is “passed on to future generations.”

An organism's genes determine:
  • The characteristics that are used to classify it into the plant or animal kingdom and into a specific family and species.
  • How it uses food
  • How well it fights infection
  • At times, how it behaves.
What if DNA gets altered or damaged? The simple answer is we start to get diseases if our immune system won’t be able to repair damaged DNA’s.

The BAD NEWS is, since DNA is the BLUEPRINT of an organism. The information that DNA contains is PASSED FROM ONE GENERATION TO THE NEXT! Your offspring may inherit your damaged DNA PACKAGED WITH THE DISORDER OR DISEASE!

INHERITED DISORDER or INHERITED DISEASE = a disease or disorder that is inherited genetically.


The fastest and cost effective solution for this is by using Glutathione Accelerator to enhance production of ENDOGENOUS ANTIOXIDANT GLUTATHIONE GSH inside our Cells. This endogenous antioxidant is capable of correcting damaged DNA’s as well as protecting it from being damaged by free radicals.

It is AMAZING to know that these health problems may be prevented by enhancing glutathione gsh production within our cells. Start taking Glutathione Accelerator, you will benefit, your future children will be healthy too!

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